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제목 Information of External Lectures and other Activities
작성자 관리자 등록일 2017-03-27 조회 451
첨부파일 file Information of External lectures.pdf    

Information of External Lecture(s) and other External Activities


External lectures and any other external activities conducted outside the university with recognition to actual social influence related to their job as professor or employee at Yonsei University or any other social influence derived from their university position must make a declaration to the Yonsei Ethics & Human Rights Committee before any such lectures and activities. External lectures and activities include the following:
- Lectures, speeches, presentations, discussions, seminars, public hearings, judging, consultation, services, newspaper contributions, broadcasting, etc.


Consultations are considered as external lectures when in the form of a large-sized meeting with many participants. Dissertation evaluations and online consultations conducted via e-mail or regular mail are not listed as external lectures. In addition, advisory services with contracts that follow the private transaction method, as well as consultation or services that are not in the form of large-sized meetings do not have to be declared as external lectures. In this case, legitimate entitlements must be established and it may be possible to judge whether or not the service is excluded from declaration according to the universal validity.

Although the university’s authoritative interpretation is not yet officialized, it is strongly recommended to declare all external lectures.

External lectures invited by governmental organizations and local governments are excluded from declaration. Lectures hosted or sponsored by Yonsei University are considered as internal lectures.

Types of external lectures and activities which are excluded from declaration
- Invitation from government agencies or local government organizations
- On-campus events hosted by Yonsei University
- Off-campus events hosted or sponsored by Yonsei University
- Individual consultation via internet, e-mail, mail, etc.
- Individual meetings proceeded by a small number of people
- Consultation and consulting services contracted by the University Industry Foundation

Please note that if you are invited by public corporations or public institutions, you must declare as external lectures.